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Advice on choosing to buy gold jewelry
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Advice on choosing to buy gold jewelry


Do you want to own very luxurious, stylish and splendid jewelry items? You are wondering how to choose jewelry that is right for you? Are you afraid to buy poor quality gold jewelry products? …. With nearly 20 years experience in the business of processing gold, silver and gemstones, Ha Long Jewelry Company would like to advise you some How to choose to buy jewelry, hope you will choose for yourself the right items.

HJC's gold jewelry
HJC’s gold jewelry

1. You should choose to buy gold jewelry at a trusted store and choose products with big brands because it will be easier to buy, resell or maintain your jewelry later.

HJC's gold jewelry
HJC’s gold jewelry

2. Carefully check all hooks, buckles, hinges, push pins or screw threads, especially the rice husks and the stone holder on jewelry. The trick to checking whether the ice husks are secure is to gently shake the stone. If it wobbles, report it to the store immediately.

HJC's gold jewelryyy
HJC’s gold jewelryyy

3. When using gilded jewelry, accept the fact that it won’t be as durable as you want it to be. Ask exactly how your jewelry is plated. Jewelry that is only coated or washed through gold has a much lower durability than electroplating because the gold coating will fly very quickly. Do not wear gold-plated jewelry often because every day of exposure to the environment, every day you lighten a little bit of the gold coating on them.

4. When buying jewelry with gems, you need to pay attention to the standards of weight, quality and aesthetics of the stone through inspection criteria such as color, size, cleanliness, and grinding technology, choosing the lighting axis….

5. And finally, jewelry must be right for you, not expensive. You need to harmonize your jewelry design with your outfit, style and type.

6. At some large gold stores have a gauge available so you can immediately check the age of gold in the item you buy. However, the gold gauge is not really popular, so the advice for you can only be “choose face to buy gold”, you should buy at reputable addresses, the brand has been a large number of consumers. trust, trust.



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