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Which swimming style do you learn first?
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Which swimming style do you learn first?


For swimming lovers – we all know there are 04 types of swimming style that most popular: breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle (or front crawl), and butterfly. And among these 4 swimming styles, breaststroke is the easiest swimming style ever. To know more, you must read this article below.


The style of swimming is most taught to beginners and is also the most common that can be found in all swimming pools. Of course, it should be understood by default that the common frog swimming style, the vegetative frog to distinguish it from “breaststroke” (competition standard). Essentially it is similar in basic technique but cutting or reducing the difficult, laborious movements, of course, sacrifices the speed of the swimming style.

How to do breaststroke
How to do breaststroke

Features of breaststroke:

  • The movements are simple, easy to learn, and quick to practice. The arms and legs are symmetrical, left and right are exactly the same, and only works underwater.
  • Thrust mostly comes from the legs (pedal kicks), hand force mainly to lift the head to breathe. According to research, the ratio of thrust to the limb is 80-20.
  • There is straight forward breathing, much easier than the inner rotation of stride swimming. At the same time, observing the swimming path is also easy, without fear of collision or disorientation.
  • To be able to “breaststroke” does not ask too big physically as well as flexibility. So breaststroke is suitable for the elderly or with limited physical strength.

So, if you want to try all the swimming styles, you can refer to the sequential path: frog – stride – butterfly – back. However, if you like to crawl because of its superiority, starting from here is perfectly reasonable. Butterfly swimming and backstroke swimming for most swimmers is not as important as the two types above.


Which is the easiest swimming style?


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